see yourself in a garden
blessing this creation –
that is you.
be like any beautiful rose
growing from the ground
with a natural
built in interchangability.
learn to read yourself,
cause if you don’t
life can become difficult.
establish a relationship
with transitory thinking.
pretend your mind is cushion,
it’s a facilitating –
make like cozy
to clear the mind.
you are a special project,
cause god knows
you’ve been put through the ringer.
it’s time to unclutter
and connect with that source
of all that bountiful information.
you are a receptacle –
not just unwanted flesh.
that big guy upstairs
wants you to be like a skyscraper
kinda like an extravagant theatre
to make your life
a deeper soul lover –
cause your rose
is an all out
in the different colors maker.

2 responses to “THE CHANNEL EYE GUIDE

  1. This makes me think of those moments of my youth where I imagined to world didn’t exist so I could focus only on myself. Too many people never take the time to create a relationship with themselves. I think that’s needed to find happiness in life.

    • TK….that is certainly the aim of the does have a two-fold element. first it’s introspective as to how I had I went deep inside my inner being to heal and recover. secondly, the aim of the piece is to be able to reach someone in something like mirrored struggles in life. I had sent you a direct email a number of days ago. i hope you did see it. I can now tell you that my situation is clearing up very nicely now. vindication can be a beautiful word. there is a little more to clear up but it’s going to be a piece of cake from this point on.

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