some things never change.
can’t escape all the pain
on the outside
going round in circles.
i should have known
that every goodbye
comes only in strength numbers.
i still can’t help
that i gotta keep cryin,
cause without your eyes
in those sparklin blues
left me without a cure
to get hurt all over again.
all i can do is keep
wanderin in the wanderin –
kinda like dreamin
day after night
and wastin every breath
i ever had for ya.
i’ll never get
a chance to tell ya
what i really meant to say,
cause every star
i had with your name on it
became just another shooting star.

2 responses to “AINT NO WAY AROUND IT

    • Thanks. It’s nice that you understood it. It’s like this. I go all over the board when I write my pieces. Meaning in the ups and downs in the all around topics one can muster up. I do have a core that continually throw likes and such. But because of how I write I bring in different people to my blog and that’s good and that’s why I don’t generate big numbers with each piece I write. It’s a come and go kind of feature until I hit just the right element they identify with. I’ve gotten though the emotions of my traumatic life event. But financially its traumatizing. As always those that cause the hurt go pain free without it costing them a dime. I’m always the lucky one. Carry it all and do it all alone as if carrying a cross on my back for humanity.

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