if i could crack the sky

in the beautiful blue above,

and look up momentarily –

would many voices

start to join in on the procession

as I sit

and watch the parade

where no one is paying attention?

the fire trucks

moving slowly ever so shiny

sounding sirens

as firemen throwing candy

just like a cherry queen

would do the same

sitting in a classic convertible.

but one voice clear up high

begins to emerge

to create a passageway

to once again open me to the outside,

to consider and truly consider

that gladness doesn’t always follow

everyone else’s parade.

sometimes you have to crawl around

and get your elbows dirty

to find that that the drum skin

of your heart … that is so original –

that it’s time

to realize that life educations

means that when the drum sticks

fall out of your hands,

you’ve got to keep reaching for them

to one day show the world

you can twirl them in your hands

and leave your unique beats.

that special voice takes a long pause,

then says – leave an image

to get your point across

with that vibrational spirit.

I laid the pen down

and watched it shimmer

in an ever so soft glitter

like liquid blue ink.




Magical moment

taken from AB words….always try many new things …pushes you, across the rough….wizardry is required. (me …it sure does !!)

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

always try
many new things
this one is tough
pushes you, across the rough
catapults you, into deep dark heavens
Wizardry is required, to break the spell
Once it is broken and you have awoken
Life transcends, broken bends, magic has arrived, make amends

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a discovery
of the life of an artist
and his struggle
to make something
out of a basic need
in a just go about business
in life’s day to day
of the down and outs
to succeed with a hand to mouth
was to just keep pecking away
in some neatly dressed manner.
after finding a note
on an old painting
with an owl
in a straight ahead
dead eye on focus,
it was like in a get bigger
to let the light in
to restore a healthy balance,
as if the owl
in a magical moment
flew out of the painting,
sits on the shoulder –
cause hunting in the dark
is a poets metaphor
to write across the moon
and be authentic.
the note ….
keep me in the attic –
arts and skills
guide your path
in spiritual balance.


do ya know,

access is all about lifestyle

in the public domain?

it’s a voyeur

show and tell

all exclusive paradise

enjoyment in a natural

released harmony

where philosophies

can strip a little

in an expressed social –

enjoy the sun

beatin on the skin –

leavin tropical ocean breezes

across lavender fields

in a sensual backdrop.

it’s a really believin

performance drivin in a smooth recital,

as if voice

had an aquamarine elegance

with so much warmth

that it simply

became so sexy to feel

on the water’s edge

with feet slightly sunk into the sand

as that beautiful girl

in her lavender bikini

dove into the water

and disappeared for a spell

and emerged with just her face

facing the shoreline

with water dripping in the sparkling sun

that left her tropical warmth

oh so hot on the beach. 


to get this far

and crumble the way I did,

it’s just not going

to be worth the effort

to try again

to reach out to another woman

for any companionship.

it’s better to just

turn into dust

and get trampled on.

that’s what happens

when you lose your sight

after a year and a half

of trying to win her affection.

being alone –

you just get to used it.



isn’t it everyone’s dream

to lay down

their own personal stamp

in the world?

that’s what I do

each and every time

I come to the word

to leave clear seeing

created out of some inner

splash feel wanna be on paper

to make ya

wanna put your thumb

on this stamp

to see if it’s got some thump.

remember though,

it’s the outer edges

of this stamp

that brings a little texture.

dreams …

they need to start somewhere.



here …
in this place,
it’s a developmental downgrade –
system beat ya down –
pat ya down –
bend over –
check your anal –
be like great way
for a check up
for some hot kind of drug
you’ve never experienced before.
wearin prison green –
cause i’m an all out
what happens next
kind of thing to come my way.
it’s a be scared –
know that –
and really know that
i’m no longer
any kind of worthy chip
in the existence of society.
it’s a never forget –
wanna forgive anyone.
but here i am,
leavin a chip –
and i mean just a chip,
cause it takes a long time
to find your value
as a human being
from a system
that’s a hard cat
shredding your soul.
it’s no wonder
i carry like veteran wounds
in my words,
because i own my own story –
not some class A clown
runnin their shit
to make it like
they be better.