here …
in this place,
it’s a developmental downgrade –
system beat ya down –
pat ya down –
bend over –
check your anal –
be like great way
for a check up
for some hot kind of drug
you’ve never experienced before.
wearin prison green –
cause i’m an all out
what happens next
kind of thing to come my way.
it’s a be scared –
know that –
and really know that
i’m no longer
any kind of worthy chip
in the existence of society.
it’s a never forget –
wanna forgive anyone.
but here i am,
leavin a chip –
and i mean just a chip,
cause it takes a long time
to find your value
as a human being
from a system
that’s a hard cat
shredding your soul.
it’s no wonder
i carry like veteran wounds
in my words,
because i own my own story –
not some class A clown
runnin their shit
to make it like
they be better.

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