do ya know,

access is all about lifestyle

in the public domain?

it’s a voyeur

show and tell

all exclusive paradise

enjoyment in a natural

released harmony

where philosophies

can strip a little

in an expressed social –

enjoy the sun

beatin on the skin –

leavin tropical ocean breezes

across lavender fields

in a sensual backdrop.

it’s a really believin

performance drivin in a smooth recital,

as if voice

had an aquamarine elegance

with so much warmth

that it simply

became so sexy to feel

on the water’s edge

with feet slightly sunk into the sand

as that beautiful girl

in her lavender bikini

dove into the water

and disappeared for a spell

and emerged with just her face

facing the shoreline

with water dripping in the sparkling sun

that left her tropical warmth

oh so hot on the beach. 


    • Thanks Diwata…..I really love lavender fields and felt compelled to use it in a piece and let it become a powerful sway in a romantic feel. Glad that you felt the title could stand on its own. The aim is to pull in the reader and its wonderful your eyes came across it 🙂

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