it was a very cold

early january morning

at minus seven degrees.

no water again

for the second time

in a three day span.

on this day,

it didn’t matter –

flames took it over.

it was a tussle

of two distinct energies

on this meaningful day.

my home had some energy.

a back bedroom door

i’d use that cheap ass

sliding lock to keep it shut.

i’d leave to goto a reading

in erie pa,

and after i’d get home,

it’d be wide open.

a more than a one time occurrence.

on another particular day,

I put some rush in –

felt inspired for the first time

in a long time

and grabbed a pen and notebook.

in the living room,

I had a touch lamp.

I felt compelled to look up,

the bulb flickered

on and off for two minutes.

it wasn’t the first time

I had witnessed that.

that was a teaching moment,

and the man upstairs knew

that putting me in pickles

was for good reason –

including the latest granddaddy of them all.

that day with the music playing –

the light flickering –

pen and notebook in my hand

had a special significance.

I had never seen that door

unlock itself and swing wide open,

but I sure had with that flickering bulb.

the good spirits

were battling it out with the bad spirits.

sometimes you are born with talent

and the man upstairs

either lets you have it right away,

or other times he shows

it is better to wait and feel the world,

that way you can show empathy for the word,

even if it means

having to put up with spineless skinless spirits

just to prove he has something

way better ahead to make me stand out

where they thought

I was just a nobody.


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