the stigma
attached to the mentally ill
is purely unfair,
whether it be
those of the homeless,
or those in prison
that had no indication
whatsoever that they were ill,
or never properly diagnosed,
and sometimes not at all.
even worse yet,
let out of the hospital
before it was time
to either commit suicide,
or harm others
without knowing why
when not in control.
other times,
it’s simply not knowing
the hospital protocol
to get admitted,
by not saying,
“i’m going to slash my wrists,”
or that, “i going to really hurt someone.”
somebody has to speak for them.
their is a lot of blame
that can be passed around.
however one can be
highly sensitive and be acute
to the surroundings.
a person that feels
in greater proportion
than the majority of the populace
just absorbs all that negativity
which can mimic symptoms
of the mentally ill.
some of us writers
are saved by our creativity.

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