during the time
my brother and i
lived with our aunt n uncle
and their family
when our parents
were in the divorce process in the early 70’s,
our mom n our two younger sisters
lived with her.
at some point,
our mother met another man
and she got pregnant.
that man left her high n dry.
mom eventually spiraled
into another nervous breakdown.
she put my sisters
in foster care.
baby christine stayed somewhere in town for a time.
mom had to go to warren
once again to the state psychiatric hospital
and lost all of her possessions.
baby christine was adopted,
and now would be in her forties.
it’s a sensitive area
no matter how one looks at it.
our mom didn’t abandon baby christine,
or my other two sisters –
she completely fell apart.
all we have of baby christine
is a picture of our mom holding her.

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