women …
ya don’t know
what it’s like
when i’ve had to buy
the occasional playboy magazine,
or voted for models in maxim,
or watched that video,
“get your shine on”
with that blonde model
time after time
just to feel not quite so alone.
it helps i tell ya.
ya can’t possibly imagine
how many likes i’ve thrown
to models on facebook.
it’s a commercial thing –
publicity matters
no matter how you look at it.
these girls are more than just visual attraction –
they worked their way
to be the models
they are because they learned
how to promote themselves
in from of the camera.
they have one thing that they are best at –
those smiles are so die-hard radiating.
don’t expect that out of me
in front of the camera
as it’s a forced reaction
and not a natural one.
i’m a writer –
not a smiler –
but with your help,
that could change
away from any camera.

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