i remember as a kid
during the late 60’s
and seeing those visuals
of bombs in the vietman war on tv.
it gave me an early indication
of what the world was like.
those visuals have never gone away.
but in comparison
to the tooth fairy,
and santa clause,
you are to believe
that if it’s fake and artificial
it’s to make you feel a sense dis-belief
and wondering why your being led a path
that is not truly worthy of your existence.
during those early years
and straight up to my teens,
i always heard
that once you got out of school
you would get drafted.
for me it seemed as a very depressing option.
you hear that so many times,
it sets up
to believe it’s better to be an evader
than a destroyer of mankind.
i suppose that’s quite an impression
for a kid growing up
that has no reign over how the world
is run by adults.
when i got into the adult arena,
i never got drafted into the armed forces,
but i got drafted
into the American culture
and became a draft dodger in a renegade expressive
in sequels all channeled deep inside,
and this is just a tiny capsule of the overall final draft.

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