when i was a kid
i absolutely hated
pullin brush in the vineyards.
all dressed in layers
where the wind
would be bitin
against the skin,
and knee deep in snow.
didn’t find that to be romantic
one least bit.
and here i am
livin in north east pa –
a grape belt in the region.
that’s my karate belt –
clever isn’t it?
as an adult,
there wasn’t anything romantic
about any of that either.
sometimes it is better
just to let all that brush
run wild within ya over the years.
it’s a lot of work
pullin all that stuff out –
it’s a flat out feel generator,
thinkin good wholesome women know a thing or two
about the stress press in romantic flair
off the vines of life.


gotta futtin love them these days !!!

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