ya have to take
a good storm
to all the countries.
it’s a howl
in the swirlin winds.
this punk guy
in his 50’s
sittin in a fold out camper’s chair
along the shores
of lake erie,
is a must believer,
that rebels
are developers,
workin it,
in like a big dipper
hangin out in the sky
in a blue dipper constellation.

nevertheless –
feet plunged in the sand,
feelin all to romantic
runnin throughout my body,
driftin in a dream
where all the angels,
just so happen
to leave their tailgate smiles.
that’s what poetry does !

this American,
livin life in a third world plight,
dusts off the religions,
and writes his verse
for scholarly interpreters
that dig deep down roots
on all the continents,
for an all into gettin into spirituality.
it’s a contributory
flow of life
to embrace enlightenment,
within and out
from sacred traces
without reservations,
or barrier constraints.

free spirits matter.
visualize my leaves of life
taking breaths in the air.
that’s what a poet does !

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