her terms of endearment,
especially from a well crafted
in all the shares
leavin links to untie
her inner laces
in a smooth
not afraid visibility xoxo
so creamy like a wine sauce,
in a not just made overnight
to be like favorited
in her social media apparatus
and thinkin breakfast
at tiffany’s
is like a daily devotion.
this pennsylvanian
showin her some homespun
playboy grooves in the big game
with my all weathered commonwealth
double decker
showing inside outside depth,
has all to do with
her gorgeous miss september
in the fall colors of the trees
dancin in the wind of her breeze.
sometimes it takes
a long time to work out past edits
in a cyber droppin it all over the place.
why can’t a guy
think like she makes it worth
being a poet
in a hot rod deluxe –
get her in my wheel of life?

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