To all of my followers:

I have a few wordpress followers that i’m connected to facebook as well. They have a pretty good idea as to all I have been through. For the past few months I have been writing lights out so that I can breathe. Writing helps me breathe, but yet there is some suffocating that I’m still absorbing.

My 35th class year reunion is on August 16th. A classmate of mine who is the salutatorian has paid my way and a guest of my choice. As I was growing up, I grew fond of words but had a knack to read really fast due to my highly sensitive characteristics. I was deemed that I had comprehension deficiencies but they had never discovered I was proficient with analogies. I went underneath the radar but a teacher in my senior year took notice as I had done my term paper on religious cults. She never said that you need to lean on this, and without any reinforcements behind me to bolster my use with words, I was a little lightbulb just burning solely alone. I simply went through life with various chips on my shoulders. I told him that I was a lot brighter than what I ever got credit for.

I spent most of my years growing up trying to fit into things without a great deal of success. I was socially underdeveloped. I suppose with that obstacle, and combined with not being able to read who was real and who was phony caused many problems in the adult world.

Some time ago I started to work twitter and found out how to use it by using high impact words to draw them to my writing or even creating some homespun quotes. I’ve got a nice following of close to 670 now and all of them hard earned without spending to buy followers. I’ve picked up three actresses in that contribute in the horror genre and other areas as well. Certainly, I have to say, it’s a good feel to say the least.

Attraction to the word can bring a little luck. This will be a very positive experience for me.

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