sexual harassment
from either side of the aisle
is not cool whatsoever.
manipulating another,
needs to be cut
straight out of the throat.
it’s a weakness
that provokes visual images
long after the words
have been unleashed.
think about the table:
four legs and a top.
that table carries feeling,
especially when you rub
your hand across it.
if it’s made of wood,
it’s smooth with a lustre.
life is like that too,
and when that table
gets all gouged up,
and there is so much weight on it,
that mofo is going crumble
under all that stress.
someone who routinely abuses
with malicious intentions,
whether physically or mentally
has built up a stockpile
of tactics
to intimidate and humiliate
and generate horror
in the life of another
for the sole purpose
to have utter control,
whether it be personal relationships,
the workplace, or any other kind thing one can think of.
however the worst type,
is the use of third parties,
and that means manipulating them
to work over another.
it’s been said
that one should never
get under the skin of a writer,
because eventually it will be a task
of redemption with survival
completely to open eyes in a brand new way.
quiet people are reserved types
and they will think so much
until an arsenal
is ready to fire back
in rebuttal of such dirty tricks
thrown against them.
fighting for causes matter,
and that’s what us poet’s are for!
feel their spirit,
and be lucky they are your voices.

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