amazed by a shower of rain,
it takes more info
than the capture of sound,
to get ya to realize,
when it hits a tin roof,
it simply implies
what is felt
from those windless days and nights
thinking of her
in modern paradise
relaxing properties
and surrounded in essence
of her strawberry candle like eyes
that always left a fragrance
of her in my soul.
it doesn’t take long,
to really know that
she’s been incredibly missed
in this highway lonesome cowboy.
it’s tough
when ya can’t just get enough
of seein her face –
cause suffocating
while she needs to breathe,
ought to tell ya,
it seems like an entire lifetime
without her strings of attachment
in her centerfold of wine
for a little bit of a country town insider
to feel her comfort,
so a lonely bird can bloom.

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