i am your slave.
ya are my master.
“what on earth
could ya possibly want?
after all,
think of it like,
what would make your heart dance in circles
that are powerful vibes to your existence?
go ahead and give it a try ….please.”
“ok, i’ll try it,
but it’s a tough thing on earth
to accomplish, at least for me.
if a genie bottle
were placed in front of me,
i’d rub it three times,
then it a soft voice i’d say,
i want the most beautiful peach.
the one that blossomed
every day of her life
when she was cut from the umbilical cord,
so sweet to the taste like that of peach cobbler.”
“is that your wish?”
“i wouldn’t have said it if i hadn’t meant it.”
“it’s pretty simple my friend,
ya control everything about me,
and this doesn’t have to be your only wish.
just write them down –
let those little thoughts
start to manifest
into bigger dreams.
bigger wishes though need an incredible amount
of thunder-like vibrations.
remember ya are MY MASTER,
and don’t ya ever forget that !!
prepare to have your mind blown into all the winds.”

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