symbolism –
it’s everythin these days.
words can carry a lot of weight
in tryin times –
especially in traumatic current events.
it takes a lot of documentation
in the poetics of truth
to reach defining moments.
the immune system
takes a beating on the sides of the lips.
them cold sores
just don’t seem to go away
for very long
as they keep coming back.
it’s tough,
when ya have to open
your mouth wide
to take a bite
out of hamburger
that’s pretty thick.
it takes a lot of silent screams
in the social media outlets
over a period of time
to open the doors of justice
and raise awareness.
conventions –
it’s a little ironic
that when it comes to wars,
it’s a battlefield nevertheless
without any bombs or guns.
it can have a big impact
even from a guy
that was born in geneva pa.

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