in northwestern pa,
it’s no wonder
that one has to get
on youtube
and listen to simon n garfunkel’s,
bridge over troubled waters,
when you think of erie pa,
in a more than once
kind of thing
to reflect the cries
of the good people
over their needs
in a valuable viaduct
that spans over the railroad tracks.
however, on this night,
regional and local poets
will be spittin there verse
of displeasure
in a unification spirit
to generate even more attention
in a city,
where hotels and tourism
are a wonderful thing for out of town guests,
but it doesn’t take much
to realize that housekeepers
that get these rooms ready
on a daily basis
aren’t able to pad the tax base
in the city.
this city needs a solid tax base
where the good people
of erie put a lot of muscle
into their workin habits
to support their families.
it doesn’t take a math genius
to see what is going on here.
it’s no wonder
that a lot of talent
has to leave the city.
i don’t know what else to do
but work social media
to create an awareness.
wordpress –
gotta love it’s metaphor
to cross the bridge
and get to twitter
for a little exposure.
after all,
i’m just a grapepicker
from north east pa
that has a little tradition too,
and if i gotta be a like a mascot
in a little team spirit
to help the cause
in a go fund like kind of drive –
then so be it.

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