ah poetry !!

isn’t it wonderful

that the starry-eyed

in creative writing

is intent on following the siren call?

the one in love

with the idea of

“being” a poet.

to escape the workshirts and jeans

and hard-working values,

while wanting “the real thing.”

to wonder why poets

are so apt to write about,

“matters in the bedroom.”

at least one can find

fiction and non-fiction –

depending on where ya

really want to go with it.

don’t ya think

that poets are born

with a purposeful intent,

to kinda imply

that brawls behind school buses,

aren’t particularly equal in math equations

for the classroom in academic unmasking?

exquisite art

is to incite awestruck attention

in cautionary tales,

to prove anything of substance

requires a good beating.

ah poetry !!

it’s review oriented time –

get used to reformation acts !!

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