if i may,
take pulls from the 1955 classic movie,
“seven year itch,”
starring marilyn monroe n billy wilder.
to visualize monroe’s dress
blowing up a subway grating,
is all to metaphoric
for all that is annoying
in a work life sitting on a forklift.
it’s a contagious skin irritant
in the scratching of scabs
of mis-aligned social behavior.
marilyn has always been
an aura like queen in my heart.
this french arrogant spirit
running in my genes,
is appropriately imagined
for those that know a little history.
this die-hard urge to move on,
that’s just not limited to marital infidelity,
leave bold words
from all that difficulty
in needing a life for utmost relief.
maybe it’s time it reaches paris
while standing high up on the eiffel tower.
all these years as an adult –
it’s been incredibly unfaithful
in the creative exacerbated eye.
wouldn’t it be something
if this was ran in US newspapers?

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