absolutely right now,
here at this place –
symbolism is an integration
of the big three –
self, soul, and dreams.
it’s a wild-eyed spiritual developer
when it comes to triangles.
it’s a 3D apparatus
in greater spectrums of awareness,
commanding power in blades like razors,
of which is so natural in energy,
it’s like a bunch of windmills
standing tall where the winds make them hum.
it’s a little psychic,
incredibly bountiful in emotional affairs,
as if hanging in the appalachians
in the catskills of the empire state,
where the highest peak
is needed for engagements in viewable perspectives
in a slide mountain
take it to resorts in popular vacation sightseeing.
all this build up of wonder
is the pyramids eye
dangling in the triangles
straight out of the third eye
that’s invisible in my forehead.

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