It’s when a man
reaches deep within,
and reads himself,
and in conjunction
while doing that,
he’s readin into –
how she wakes up
in the mornin beside ya,
because he spent the time
holdin the pen,
as if she was leaving
soft strokes
in all her curves
on the paper,
as it left a pure outline
into the plot carried out
from her soul
on how to be magical
the moment
you took the time
to read her into your writing !!


    • naima…..I think i’m getting better. still been fighting cold sores on the side of my lips. it’s been a two fold mission since this past February. deal with traumatic stress and write my brains out of my skull and take my storm to all the countries so they get a good idea what how an American writer is living a third world plight kind of life. I expect a little pyramid luck and dreams to unfold soon. at least that is the feel I have at the moment. glad that you enjoyed the piece:)

      • I hope you feel better soon, Don. This life is always up with some big surprises( pleasant and unpleasant); it’s all about how we tackle them with a smile and until now as far as in know, you are doing a great job. In your spare time, I would greatly appreciate if you read my work and let me know your comments about it. Only people reading you from long can tell if you have improved or not just like I feel like you improving with each and very piece. It’s more heart felt and enjoyable. So keep writing and smiling 🙂


      • I haven’t had much cause to smile on the outside. I don’t smile for pics. that’s a forced reaction and writers don’t smile for pics. perhaps i’m smiling on the insde as I work my storm.

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