when babies cry,
i have to leave the residence.
it’s from being higly sensitive to the sound,
and from havin flashbacks.
when my youngest son was born,
i was workin seven days a week,
twelve hour days.
on top of that,
had a part time job
workin fours hours a night.
the one i was with
didn’t want to work,
or even take initiative
to have formula ready.
back in the 80’s,
ya had to boil water
and then add the formula.
didn’t get much sleep
during this stretch run
of workin so many hours.
still, i had to get up
and take care of the child.
he had colic in the worst way,
and it’s no wonder
life back then was a nightmare.
i had too much responsibility,
and sometimes i just have to hold back
the watery eye treatment.


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