the optical line,
is an adorned tribute
of recognizable elements
in the house.
these eyes carry –
i mean really carry
all the accessories
when it comes to life.
ya never know
when unique patterns
begin to unfold
for a real
down to earth woman
that knows vintage
romantic lines into her –
without a doubt miss evening eyes.
it’s tough workin
behind the scenes,
when ya are thinkin
slow country moves
to strike vogue poses
into her – all make her wanna smile
to feel the warmth of spirit
when ya have missed her –
wanna be in her pulse
to feel this homemade handmade
wanna be in her obsession
like a manly gotta be designer
in an all out confidence pattern…endlessly.


it’s quite the family –
loud, rambunctious, very social,
and have a tight knit family.
they come together
in huge numbers
to protect themselves from enemies.
a real crow
has 250 different calls
in times of distress.
poet’s do that too
in the apparatuses of social media.
folk tales and superstitions
come into play at this very moment.
crows gather together
to decide the capital fate of another crow,
and know a thing or two about battlefields.
they will circle
in large numbers
where someone is expected to die,
and it’s not necessarily a physical death,
but more like involved in personality changes.
it takes a large contingent
of a parliament owls
that know a thing or two
about social strength.
one may never know
how strong a quiet group
can be when one of it’s own
needs a little assistance in life.


humor at its best …
there the cat sits …

a man gets out of the shower,
grabs a towel
and begins to dry off.
like any man –
he takes great pride
in toweling down
the cornerstone of life.
on this day,
it was no exception –
a cat is a cat
and pounces when teased.
that gives new meaning
to ted nugent’s,
“cat scratch fever.”
if your having trouble
in your love life –
the cat took over
and left another reminder.


it was about five years ago when a relative needed a place to stay. a number of things came into play, but the major factor was that she was now a mother where the father figure immediately left the picture when he found out she was pregnant. a short time later, another young man came into her life and became a part of my household. after a short time in the picture, i had learned of his situation. it was due to making a couple deliveries of cocaine of which another adult twice his age had him make. he had told me that he didn’t want to snitch (it happened to him) and felt as if he had that those further up the line would do him in. he was in a tough spot, and i knew that the young man was simply vulnerable. if that had been me in that kind of situation at that age, i would have not chosen to take the hit for such a thing.

throughout the time that he stayed with me, i knew that he had a hard shell on the outside based on a number of factors that he shared with me while growing up that pretty much set him up for his current situation. however, he was working and helping to take care of the mother and child in my home. every now and then he’d give me a little money, but i told him, you’ve got enough going on. all i really asked him to do was do some things around the household as a trade off. throughout this time, we had talked about a lot of different things, and i’d tell him about the many difficulties i had in my adult life. i had shown him a few pieces i had written and how i’d always turn to that, but at that point i’m sure he didn’t see the connection as for himself.

to backtrack just a tad, he came into the relatives life when her baby girl was in the approximate range of about a 18 months old, but it had come time for him to go to court in a plea deal of which he would be incarcerated. the baby girl in the house at this point was around three years old.

that time came and into the system of incarceration. i didn’t see this whole thing in a positive light whatsoever as i had absorbed more negativity in life than positives. i knew in foresight how tough these things can be on those in a relationship. for a good spell, he’d call and she’d be around to take the calls, but after time, she wouldn’t be around to take calls, but i’d take them and talk to him for a spell. i detected his frustration, and shortly her own vulnerabilities of being alone finally came into play. i knew she didn’t want to talk to him and it left me in a tough spot because i just didn’t know what to say to the young man. i saw this coming. i took a number of phone calls until it became apparent that i could no longer do so as my phone bill just got so high (a money racket no matter how you look at it). i’d see the calls coming in but i’d have to let them ring. i felt it wasn’t my place as i wasn’t the one in the relationship, but like I said, these things are tough. nevertheless, i felt bad about this whole thing.

time had elapse and his time of incarceration was in it’s final legs as he was in a halfway house and working. he had called, and we talked for a bit. he kept saying that he owed me money. i told him that he didn’t owe me a thing. i wasn’t about to take any as i felt that he was paying more of a debt to society than what was necessary.

a couple of months had gone by and he stopped by my place. we chatted for a bit, but i could see that the system had beaten him down. i could read it in his eyes. this is where i detected that he had a sensitive nature about him. it wasn’t long after that, i had seen him just leaving the pharmacy and he didn’t say a word to me as that hard shell was covering up his sensitive nature (my relative and her child had moved into another relationship and moved out sometime shortly after he had left to do his time). it had been a short time after i had seen him in the pharmacy that i had heard that he took an overdose of heroin.


it is here,
that birthmarks matter.
it’s shape important,
but more important
where it’s located.
a natural phenomena –
great strength and a keen eye
in geometric portrayals.
metaphors are like that
as they intersect from one point
to another point.
alertness is everything –
a communicator of thoughts,
where ideas become forerunners
for dreams in celestial portrayals.
a sharp tip is everything
when it comes to penetrating.
this is like a pictogram –
an ideagram where emotions and feelings
that depict stories of life.
this representation –
a spiritual connector to a writing man.
words are my arrows,
and this sheet of paper is my bow.