all dreams come true
in the pursuant of conversation
while at a summer cottage retreat
from daybreak into nightfall,
workin the hands in independent accumulations
in a migratory nightingale:
acceptance, appeal, authentic, appreciation,
bletting in the ripening and softening in storage.
breakups, caring,
daydreams, emotions,
farewells, friendships,
goodbyes all to common.
hardships, intent, internship,
jawbones cuttin out from the heart by the high tide
of the seas as if the tongue laps coastal shores.
kilting in the word wraparound.
love, ladyship, lucidity,
morphing in metaphors.
mahogany in drippin wet curls.
musicals at calypso resorts.
naiveties, notepads burstin like nutshells.
orbits around letters.
occupiers of the lines.
personal to promotional.
pressed in the releases.
questions in quagmires.
romantic in the coleridge rimes with frosty coats.
supplier of a summer dance hangin off the moon.
teacups for two in the tear-stains
of correlations in adult lullabies playin in the background.
underground in the unzips,
and uploaded in harmonic utopia.
vesta at the sacred altar
strikin a short friction match,
as if at the fireplace in the cottage
to symbolize the family
that once lived in it,
will one day rub off on its occupant.
weathered like a bunch of beans –
wallpapered in the layers.
it’s not quite complete.

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