the democracy of our government
was shaped by the american indian,
but yet live on reservations
and are known as tribes –
a part of my heritage.
i’m also caucasian, what makes it a race?

the backbone of the drum,
is a musicians beat that originates
out of africa, but yet,
this ethnic bond supports
the entire country
with its minority feel in rhythmic roots –
though, i feel just like this race
bringin in like bongo drums,
in a kinda rappin showin it in the traces.

it is said that roger bacon invented
the camera just before the year of 1300.
like any picture developed –
this snapshot of this country,
i expose in the darkroom.

what does this country
possess in originality,
except for what i read in the newspaper,
of which has been quoted as a pack
of lies right from the top –
especially the headlines of iraq in flashback
burnt out flashbulb.
that’s old news but it’s the same old news
so it seems these days.
however, it introduced inflation and debt.
isn’t it wonderful?
that’s definitely originality !!

if it makes ya feel any better,
i’ll borrow from abe lincoln –
in that knowledge obtained
is the greatest asset
i can ever achieve
in this country – don’t ya agree?

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