in the very depths
of the occupied zone,
is the person
who would claim
that he was a writer.
this practice –
a private practice –
is a no more kissin their asses –
the way it should be forever n ever !!!
it soars, floats, hovers
above them too high.
it’s war ya know,
and these little dramas
is just awful news for them.
for the moment,
the wounded man
havin a good laugh
with the silent man.
nothin compares to a feelin
when peelin back the shyness
n hangin in all the cafés
amongst the crowds,
as if some kind of
howlin became a connoisseur for insightful gossip.
gotta love this kind of valor,
where tours in fearlessness
became a wardrobe at breakneck speed
to make them poor things beet red !!
obviously a little money
at the bookstore –
means war on terrorists
can be done in astonishin style.

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