follow the trail
of these bloodshot eyes
in excessive tear duct runs,
and notice the mode
in how i release myself
to that of bloodshed
for cause and freedom.

can ya see the connection
of direction and flow
when i show ya the trap
of how money squeezes
the life out of dreams
and backs one into a corner?

the only thing left,
is this pen of expression
in its steady trickle
to give one the feelin,
it takes an awful lot of blood
to be set free.

5 responses to “CRIMSON TEARS

    • thanx naima….I’ve been workin on some old reflectives. it’s all part of the story. my past defines everything as to who I am today. however, I’ve really yet to see anything substantial live off the paper in this world. I can write about a dream with a lady, but it just lives on the paper. i’m so highly introverted I can
      t make a presence with women around me. it’s a lonely life, but it’s all I really know at this point. overall I am better, but life is a hard sell on the outside.

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