falterin on the fence of faith,
like a bramble,
i am pricked endlessly.
like a cold front,
and a warm front
comin together inside my heart,
left nothin but a chaotic storm.
where were ya when i needed ya?
if ya would look into these eyes,
hurricane rains washed out every emotion i had for ya.
how could ya just disappear,
when i went out of my way
sendin prayers up to ya?
tried to keep a family
in your ways,
but ya left me.
to pacify the pain,
i felt like a desert
with only cactus spines
left in my heart.
though, there may be a rainbow
for someone to reach for,
delicacy gives a whole new meaning
to show it’s not easy
when god didn’t seem
to be there when he was needed.

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