HI !!

i’m a taste bud waitin
to bring in customers,
and feel what i’m all about.
i’ve got side effects,
and when i’m hot,
i can bring on tears.
from time to time,
i can wait for ya at dinner-time.
wanna be like your favorite dish
that ya hadn’t had in a very long time,
and not be denied.
i starve to get to know ya,
as if ya bought me in the heat of passion.
i’m a sucker for sugar,
as if i was a bowl of cereal
waitin for ya at the table.
i’m the real reason
ya reach in your pocket
to pull out some money
when i get ya really hungry,
like a recipe in a dessert book.
i long to create an appetite for ya
after long periods of time
when ya want somethin to digest.
i’ve got a huge thirst problem
when i’m too dry
without ya in my life.
i like spice to come inside,
as if ya sprinkled chili powder
in a big kettle of chili.
i only stop after i close my lips,
but no matter what,
ya are never enough !!

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