your relationship here
doesn’t compromise deranged values.
fascinations are called into question
when ya step out of the bounds
of moralities safe reflections.
but i’m not the moderator,
and i say qualities that are blurred
are common values of the artist.
speak without worry –
the world pursues heroism,
like it does love
to counteract its own darkened landscape.
madness is a gift –
your eyes without question
must trickle steadfastly
in the plentitudes of folly.
with ya being a poet,
the world is an ally –
it’s your mistress.
feed it sudden bursts of life,
like the wind moves draperies.
remember, ya must be a bonafide fool
in the voyage.
history is on your side,
and mental illness is illusive
to the true reason of commonality.
i am your double –
an actor impersonatin
a devine cause –
as if a lunatic.
ya are confined here
to promote a shimmerin light.
this is your surface –
madness will triumph!!

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