it’s quite the family –
loud, rambunctious, very social,
and have a tight knit family.
they come together
in huge numbers
to protect themselves from enemies.
a real crow
has 250 different calls
in times of distress.
poet’s do that too
in the apparatuses of social media.
folk tales and superstitions
come into play at this very moment.
crows gather together
to decide the capital fate of another crow,
and know a thing or two about battlefields.
they will circle
in large numbers
where someone is expected to die,
and it’s not necessarily a physical death,
but more like involved in personality changes.
it takes a large contingent
of a parliament owls
that know a thing or two
about social strength.
one may never know
how strong a quiet group
can be when one of it’s own
needs a little assistance in life.

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