the optical line,
is an adorned tribute
of recognizable elements
in the house.
these eyes carry –
i mean really carry
all the accessories
when it comes to life.
ya never know
when unique patterns
begin to unfold
for a real
down to earth woman
that knows vintage
romantic lines into her –
without a doubt miss evening eyes.
it’s tough workin
behind the scenes,
when ya are thinkin
slow country moves
to strike vogue poses
into her – all make her wanna smile
to feel the warmth of spirit
when ya have missed her –
wanna be in her pulse
to feel this homemade handmade
wanna be in her obsession
like a manly gotta be designer
in an all out confidence pattern…endlessly.

3 responses to “A SEPTEMBER 29TH DAY REVIEW

    • thanx chatty. much appreciated. I’ve never been treated good.. secondly, i’m so extremely hightly introverted and intimidated by nice lookin ladies in the flesh, I can’t talk to them straight up in real life. not much I can do there. I can show a lady or two a poem and maybe get there name, but that is as far as it goes. I just don’t have that rico suave kind of swing in my personality.

    • btw….I really like that one edge piece that ya had. but i’ll tell ya, I can’t say that “C” word in my pieces or the “B” word either, unless it’s done in a way that isn’t offensive. It woujld have to be humorous….

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