took the common sense test.
it’s over-rated.
makes me a damn
bloomin in the fields idiot.
adverse reactions
in plights of life,
become like fanatical chalkboard movers,
especially when white lines
hit green chalkboards
early in adult life,
becomes like fittin garments
of great exposures of social under-garments
long after displayed
as a fool
in the mainstream apparatus.
ya learn it’s a get ya know-where –
in a be like everybody else
kinda game to keep them –
like they are better than ya.
it’s better to just to be a throwback,
and get like a fullback
in the words,
and run like a barry sanders –
in a scramblin, dartin in a spreadin it out,
and takin every lesson
from the old green chalkboards
where life truly grows
in all that’s alternative
on every blackboard
that really sells your soul.

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