to create –
is to isolate!!
i’ve always known naturally
the need to pull away
when life hit pathways of ruts,
much like a car
gettin stuck in the mud
and tryin to get it free.
my birthday is on march 4th,
and as it may,
had changed it on facebook
to another day,
due to the ruts
i was stuck in as to the state of affairs
of a personal life
where nothin good was happenin
before it or after it.
it’s taken a lot of effort –
and i mean a great deal of effort
isolatin out of the world’s environment
to dig deep down in the depths of the soul
to a point of subconscious
throwbacks in all of life.
i’d never found my birthday
as a happy occurrence,
due to things beyond my control.
however, i’d always felt the need
to keep a watchful eye
on the continued process
of developin myself as an individual.
it was about a month ago
that the spiritual guides
were with me the day
i went to barnes and noble.
they lead ya to things –
this day indeed mattered.
here i was in front of the astrology section,
and saw a book about the secret language of birthdays.
there was so much
that i had been aware of just through feel
as to my own inner development.
confirmations are so vitally important
in all of discoveries in life.
but it is here –
isolation proves to be an important theme
in spiritual and emotional recoveries.
this is how i function –
highly evolved in the involved in the creative –
purely essential in inner needs of fiber buildin strength.
shyness is such a very enduring special quality,
that when in deep ruts,
must be find a way to be aggressive
when absolutely necessary
to be confrontational in the word,
since confrontation in great magnitudes
is clearly an all out stress definer.
i’ve since returned my birthday on facebook.
i see a clear cut value
that defines my individuality in life.
but it takes clear cut
bonafide friends on the outside
that truly make a difference
in the essential trust developin lines,
rather than lettin those in,
because boundaries are a tough learner
for a good natured spirit.

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