ideas –
they drip into the fingers
to become like butterflies
that dip and rise
and float along the keyboard.
the ups and downs,
divided into every scene,
of which permeates in all of wonderment,
even if imagination needs to blend
in poetic perceptions
to create adrenaline poundin excretal experiences
in the fairgrounds of life.
it can be so intricate
that it teaches,
it’s not always like going to the fairgrounds
where contestants have entries
to win a blue ribbon prize.
however, it’s a poet’s dream
to work all the necessary ingredients.
pie makin is vital
in all the different recipes.
whether it be cherry, apple, peach, mince or pumpkin.
ya simply have to have a base,
and every sheet of paper
ya come to is just that.
words are the fillers.
but ya know –
every cherry pie
can be made from sour cherries,
or sweet cherries,
and no different when it comes to apples.
sour sometimes just needs a lot of sugga.
slices of life come deeper in a thicker pie pan.
life needs all the sugga it can get:
cause sugga is an all out wings metaphor
to soar in romantic value.

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