the two of us –
mutual with flaws,
but strong in imagination.
it’s a tip top
from head to heels,
convinced to illustrate,
the woman he admires,
is the one
that is the hardest to conquer.
he seeks to express it
in pure emotion of spirit,
drippin value in the deepest vision
of irresistible passion
runnin wild in the gutters.
love is a charity
in the uniquely –
shaping it differently
to find each other in bondage,
where the two of us
know more than a thing or two
when it comes to sensual sighs.


  1. Once again im lost in the beauty of your words. The connection, the dedicated admiration. So fragile, yet strong at the same time. Like a spiderweb. You write beautifully. I loved the last line a lot..

    • I’ve long been the forgotten one. the one so different that i’m thought of as being the strange one. it’s a compliment because i’m unique. I am a sensitive one, and I understand a heck of a lot more than I’ve ever been given credit for. I demand to be a winner. all winners are handed everything to them. some of us become better tuned to win because our chapters in life know something about depth and empathy where others haven’t a clue. as to a female: I chose to succeed and the harder she is to conquer the better the relationship will be.

      • That’s a very good attitude. Really. Never settle for a second best. Never settle for something that’s easy to gain, because it will never be cherished as thoroughly. The harder the competition, the sweeter the prize.

      • the goal is definitely the sweetest of prize. hard work from this guy will eventually be a die-hard relief when I’ve conquered her. but the writing doesn’t stop then – it transforms from being in her leaves of life.

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