believe me
when i say poetry
raves in the flutters
to speak ever more honestly.
sometimes ya gotta keep sheddin
the layers of introversion.
one has to do a lot of listenin
to read through
a liars words in group settings.
they make ya feel uncomfortable,
because when ya have to speak,
ya just haven’t the courage,
because they are all people
that ya have never seen before.
ya are sacrificial to them.
it’s a shortsighted settin,
but my soul is clever –
a plotter,
and likes to bask
in the sunshine
with detectable discoveries.
little do they know,
i’m gonna do a lot of comprehendin
behind their backs
before i go to the next one.
it’s going to be
an all out assault
with the lights on,
alongside the night
each and every day
in overcomin difficult arrangements.
i’ll have to practice
a few lines below
for a quick open:
i either do it my way
and drop you words from paper,
or i’m fuggin walkin out!!

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