ten years ago,
i went on a seven day cruise
that included the cayman islands,
cozumel and new orleans.
and ya know
there are a lot of ladies
that hang out in the sun
in their scantily clad bikinis
that can really make a guy
dream of being with one of them
when ya have been flatly alone
most of your adult life
in that of lady companionship.
all that tease
can flatly want to make
a man’s eyes wanna roll out of the head
and dance beside them
with so much sweet candy around.
but one night,
it got particular interestin
as i walkin down an aisle
and this young college girl
comes out of her room
in a highly inebriated state.
she tugs on my shirt
a bit as if to usher me in.
ME – being highly introverted,
and very well schooled,
i knew if i had walked
into that room,
it would have of meant
that i’d have taken of advantage of her
in light of her inebriated state.
i walked away from that,
but i’ve never gotten credit
for really anythin in my life
by makin a smart choice,
full knowin lonely guys
are seen as weak in societies eyes.
it takes a hell of a lot of writin
to show your character.
then again, i’m still a nobody
without a lady.

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