it his here
that i leave a trail
for the critics to follow.
when it all goes well,
they are bound
to be flabbergasted
in regards to my work.
i am comfortable with that,
because i am the one
leadin them on.
so, i’ll keep writin,
and hopefully
some success will become of it.
those that flat out get poetry,
and see it for it’s value,
means there is a necessity.
the good people –
they get to see me for who i am,
when the content
written with enough impact,
gives them a sense of realness.
takin pulls from my critics,
is where i get my reward factor.
ya need them from time to time
to get your incentive to write.
because i know
my pen is my bodyguard.
though, my shield is down,
it makes me a tough cookie.
in real life,
i’m a pussy cat.
when it comes to the alter-ego,
all writers know
they aren’t to be messed with.
critics …
come on now …
i need somethin to work with.

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