people need connectors
that make them feel
their own abilities
in the energies
of invisible and visible mirrors
that surround ya.
ya have to be able
to shake things up
that aren’t the norm.
ya have to look
thru the inn door,
where society doesn’t hang out.
ya don’t need to play
a lackluster role.
that’s their thing,
and that’s just nothin but a runaround.
be your own chooser –
free swingin doors matter.
it’s under your authority
to value the strength
of your revolutionary movements
that gives hope to another
in longtime sufferings.
it’s a be there –
to show that “BEING”
is a singular word,
and i’m tellin ya:
it’s a definer
that goes beyond
the vampire movements in mainstream
of pure blood suckin rituals!!

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