went to the bar,
n to the left,
patrons surrounded the pool table
n suckin down their brews.
a young lady with blonde hair,
seductive in spirit
in her pose
with huggin denim jeans
about ready to stroke the cue ball
upon the freshly laid rack
(ya she had a rack too…haha).
immediately to the right,
the dj was playin
a tune by alice cooper, “i’m eighteen.”
dance floor was full,
n ladies hips gyratin,
causin a stir amongst some of the men
in the flashin lights.
i headed straight to the bar,
and ordered a brew
while continuin my observations in the moment.
the ladies came in pairs, groups, or main squeezes.
drained my beer,
n ordered another,
n noticed a lady
sittin alone at the far end of the bar.
shot glasses in front of her,
and stairin straight ahead.
i comsumed my brew,
n then flashed some bills
for the attention of the bartender.
just as i got my brew,
cheap trick’s, “the flame” was playin,
n as it always does
completely infiltrated my spirit,
n eventually caused a slight blur in my eyes.
i immediately left after that,
n realized it wasn’t for me,
n went home n buried my nose in a book
to feel comfortable again
with a companion that takes me places.

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