i saw her in the restaurant
takin an order
from n elderly man
wearin a beat up ball cap.
her eyes,
innocent hues of aquamarine
softly slow dance
across my ever-present stare.
my arms slightly crossed –
fingers tap gently
on the table to kill time.
i hear the old man
slur out his order.
she seems slightly irritated
by the way she taps the pen against the pad.
finally, i see her scribble something down,
grabs the menu, tells him about 15 minutes.
by now the restaurant is full,
n it’s two-thirty in the morning,
n people stand around to wait for a table.
i watch her as she goes to the counter,
picks up two plates –
hurries to a table –
sets them down,
and with a smile says, “says enjoy your meal.”
she comes to my table,
as my fingers still tap the table
in short quick strokes.
as i look at her,
her cheeks slightly red, eyebrows thin n dark.
small beads of sweat
reflect of her forehead in the light.
blue jeans snug –
pierced nose –
earrings lined up both sides of ears,
n hair so dark,
ya can see the shimmer
in little streaks from the light.
order my meal
n off she goes
as my eyes follow her frantic pace.

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