sometimes it’s nice
just to drive poetry
in a slow motion
so that visuals
don’t come crashin
in front of ya.
it’s good to use signals
to show your exact path,
n let the world know
to slow down
for somethin important.
if ya must,
throw on the seatbelt
in case profanity
needs to be harnessed.
look in mirror
to see if somethin
might of been left behind
for squealin images
to move up front.
shift gears for higher elevations
when the hills are hard to climb.
use headlights to guide yourself
in the darkness
when there is so much darkness
that the action in front
doesn’t let ya pass the artillery line.
drop into neutral
to rest for a spell.
nevertheless, leave yourself in park
to sit n think if your poem
is really complete.

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