takin a tea-spoon of sugar
from partially filled bowl
and slowly sprinkle granules on cereal,
leaves the eyes watchin motion as they fall.
with a gallon of milk
about half empty
that sits in the fridge
with not much else in it,
seems to be plenty to get through the day.
i pour the milk
in the bowl n stir up the wheaties,
as the spoon clangs here and there
throughout the bowl …
the only sounds carryin on this place.
but i turn on the tv,
n take bite after bite
to watch the news.
the bowl becomes empty,
as thoughts run into the husk of mornin
with a sunrise to find the very meanin of life.
if only she was beside me with her bowl
slowly sprinkin sugar in hers
to make the day feel like a sugar bowl
at this lonely table,
n wishin life
was more than a bowl of wheaties
to get me through the day.

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