the short walk
from house to barn
on an extremely hot n humid day,
the feel of sweat
would bubble up
on the chest within the shirt.
an old scythe
saddled n i-beam.
a few feathers
hugged the corner up in a rafter
with cobwebs all around them.
a pet raccoon
by the name of rocky
ya would never want to get near.
fresh cut hay
drifted in wiffs
from a lazy summer wind.
flies were abundant n fast
n so hard to catch
durin a walk through the barn.
when milk time came,
grandpa would always yell
out to the cows in pasture
until they all arrived
by the special way he called out to them.
remembrances of dinner time
always followed after a hard days work.
the sound of washin hands,
along with the slight rattle of dishes
created a mild like tune on the table.
i can still remember
this very vivid moment
when all of us kids
would go upstairs
to go to bed,
and all four of us kids
had to sleep in the same bed.
you’d never guess
what happened later on
after we all had fallen asleep.
my little sister started to puke,
and it seemed like it was non-stop.
it was as if the bed tilted my direction,
and i was completely soaked.
i just stayed there,
cause i was to apprehensive.
every time i’d try
to get back to sleep,
she’d hurl some more puke my way.
on another occasion,
my brother n i
would stay for the weekend.
we had to go to church,
and we were both quite young,
just like this whole reflective
is being told to ya.
grandma sent us out
to a car n it was a frightful experience.
i kept my head in the corner,
and cried mercifully all the way there,
as i kept a sporadic roamin eye
on the backside of her dark hair.
all i wanted to do
was get out of that car
and run far away from the stranger i didn’t know.

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