it’s another ripple
in the fabric of life,
n sometimes ya just gotta
climb it with each hand
as it wiggles a lot.
it really mimics the past
when ya happen
to be lookin down at it.
but when ya get to the top,
ya just let go
from a little ways up
n splash into the water
to break up the past
n introversion too.


it’s another one
of those nights
where i’m cradlin the pillow
sofly as if my arm
is wrapped around a significant other
with her back against my chest.
but like a forever endin theme,
it’s a fall asleep
until finally wakin up
as if the eyes
carried a little rust,
where the full moon
clearly was a fixture
comin thru my bedroom window.
but when it moves
into a new moon,
it’s just another dark moon
that resembles no love life,
n i just have to move thru
another eleven days
until the gibbous moon arrives,
n its hump-backed appearance
conveys she’s in a wonderful view.
creativity matters on this day,
n it’s nice to just move around the phases
of the moon in the surround feel
that carries so much impact.
so, when i’m viewin
the waxin fertile crescent,
it means it’s all about takin it,
n turnin it like a hammock,
where waxin is a mutual orgasmic experience
to show poetry caters to relationships
to end the endless cycles of dark moons
with value in a follow thru.


it’s a matter of feelin,
where the artist
must be receptive in the perceptive
from a deep reservoir
of experiences to draw upon.
if the line comes to life,
it can possess value, color, and invoke shape,
n give it an intrinsic appeal
to be admired for its own sake.
but if i take my hands
n put them to my face,
it can almost be like a topographic map,
where the contours
have dominant and subordinate effects.
imagine if ya will
when i shut my eyes,
n take my index finger
in a slow moves around both eyes,
it casts a hidden shadow.
imagery is all about the mood it creates,
along with its expression
where the eyes
are engaged in inner
n outer stimuli.
it’s like that with words
where duality can be seen n unseen.


in toronto i met
a cute young oriental girl
that was from the china district
while at a night club.
she hadn’t lived here
for very long –
four months to be exact,
yet her english seemed remarkable,
though coming from taiwan.
she wanted to know if i lived in the city.
i told her i was from erie pa
and staying at a hotel.
i could tell she hadn’t any idea
as to where that was,
so, i simplified my response,
and told here i was from america.
her eyes lit up –
reached for my hand
and tenderly caressed it.
it was enough to make me realize
that being an american
was actually worth it for once!!


i’ve been workin
on this vehicle
for quite awhile,
n when somethin needs a good jackin up,
it needs a good metaphor
capable of battlin tough spots
in this erie county pa terrain
when it comes to gettin into the muddin
n bein a beast under the hood.
just gotta have the power
to feel like it’s a tackle
anythin i wanna
when i got the right wheels
to get thru the stickiest of mud.
it helps to have a nice lift kit
when gettin much deeper
to show gargantuan obstacles
can get the right model
for a little bit of braggin rights
when behind the wheel.


I wrote this about 10 years ago. though, I am not a proponent of war as I see it as counterproductive, and that I could never stomach this type of thing, I do feel it is imperative it can’t be all that easy on them either. It can’t be too early. Nothing wrong with a month long anthem as I see it.

a little bit of Christmas,
is to remember
all the soldiers in the battlefield
that want to share
in a little bit of joy
and long to be felt
while in a far away land
where the fight of tears so happen
to run a little bit down the cheeks.
it’s that sense of feeling
for us all to visualize
during this holiday season,
as the soldiers carry the burden
in their hearts at a time
when they need us
to keep them in mind
when decorating our trees
in the homes of our country
to honor them
and unite as a whole
that gives them peace
and goodwill
with a special meaning
in the traditional sense
to make this day feel more like
a little bit of Christmas.


the stranger –
the better is all that matters.
never been a fan of winter,
but mythology comes into play
with an unbelievable coincidence.
boreas – the greek god,
also known as aquilo
brought winter with him
with his harsh cold breaths.
it’s no wonder
that it has been so cold outside
for the betterment of thirty-three years
givin it all
with a hard workin ethic
dressed up like a freezer rat
on the forklift
in this small town
of north east pa,
where scholastics n sports
get the upper hand
when it comes to recognition.
can ya understand
why i can have a little bite
comin outta my words
where i did it their way?
poetry shows life
from a very hard life
without no notice
of how tough i’ve been
in this small town.
after all, my high school yearbook
is called the aquilo,
n that simply speaks for itself.
it takes a lot
of mixin life n readin
to become a maverick stallion
with maroon n gold wings.
it’s about time
that creativity gets recognition
n becomes a value in grapepicker country.