there is a grey cat
that hangs around outside the place
i live at in the country
on a pretty kuhl road
outside of the city of erie pa.
ya could kinda call her a farm cat,
but she’s not really that,
and i don’t think she was a stray cat
that just wandered on the property.
sometimes, i see her sittin on the window sill
in a just seemingly pose of just a chillin.
when i first moved here,
i’d walk up the sidewalk from the backside of the house,
and she wouldn’t let me get to close her.
i took it upon myself
as a challenge to get herself comfortable,
because after all, she’s not a tamed house cat.
i knew i had a small advantage
since she wasn’t runnin around with a bunch of cats.
she’d start to come around my feet,
n i’d reach down to pet her,
but she’d be skittish n take off.
it’s taken a little bit of time,
but now when i go outside to smoke a cigarette,
she’ll come up to me n i’ll sit down on the sidewalk
n i’ll give her some good pettin strokes n stop for a bit,
then she’ll do that rub against my legs kind of thing,
cause i’m a grey kind of cat too.
she had vulnerabilities just like me.
i have better patience when it comes to this,
but patience is tough
when i’ve been waitin to get to the other side of bridge
to experience what her real country
is all about on a full-time basis –
cause i’m so missy-ing her face.
this is no temp agency i’m runnin here.

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