when going thru tough times,
it’s easy to reflect
on the way ya handled them
in the reflectives.
the drinkin every night
after the second shift
got done at 1:00 AM.
years of that went on,
along with drinkin
every saturday night.
not the get smashed kind of thing,
but when going alone,
those bottles of beers
became conversation companions,
especially when the gift of gab
wasn’t a front runner
where there was a crowd.
it can take a long while
to discover that’s not the niche.
it’s not so much of followin,
but more of bein
so occupied with payin bills
n tryin to stay ahead in the jingle game.
i like me much better
now that i’m not turnin
to the bottle during these tough times,
and i just love the idea
that i can come to write
to show i’m a better off
for seein the difference,
and not gettin behind the wheel.

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